Covering areas

A renowned medical laboratory chain with seven branches located across Jordan. Known for its commitment to excellence and cutting-edge technology, Diamond Lab provides a wide range of diagnostic services to meet the healthcare needs of its clientele.

  1. Hematology: Blood cell counts, coagulation tests, and blood smear examinations.
  2. Clinical Chemistry: Comprehensive metabolic panels, liver function tests, and lipid profiles.
  3. Microbiology: Cultures for bacterial, fungal, and viral infections, as well as sensitivity testing.
  4. Immunology: Screening for autoimmune disorders, allergy testing, and infectious disease serology.
  5. Molecular Diagnostics: PCR assays for detecting genetic disorders, viral infections, and oncogenic mutations.
  6. Histopathology: Examination of tissue samples for cancer diagnosis and other pathological conditions.

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each specializing in distinct areas of business

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